Baton Rogue Shooting, 7/17/2016, Gavin Eugene Long

The coding of this event is multi-layered.

I poopoo’d “7” coding in a previous post. I was wrong. It’s all over this and more. This is my comeuppance for disregarding the 7.


The alleged lone gunman is Gavin Eugene Long.

Who used a Long gun aka rifle.



7 weeks and 7  (yes, actually 8 weeks) days from 7/17 is September 11, 2016. The anniversary of the bombing and destruction of the World Trade Center and of course the 77 foot high Pentagon building allegedly hit by flight 77.gavinLong77_date

I couldn’t help but notice the mayor of Baton Rogue has a 7 x 7 gematria to his name.


And it’s 4 months, 9 days to the start of World War 3 on 11/26/2016.  If you’re new to the idea of a WW3 timeline, please read my earlier posts and especially view Matthew Nicholson’s early videos over on Youtube.

I’m not saying Kip has anything to do with this. I cannot ignore the numeric significance of his name gematria.



Now for the time, numbers and Saturn connection.

Gavin Eugene Long


7 5 12


Flip to 6996.

The orbital velocity of Saturn is 9.69 km/s.


5555 days from 9/11/01 is 11/26/2016


69 atop the royal masonic arch


In Simple Gematria:

Knowledge =96

Freemason = 96

Here’s his youtube and life coach alias “Cosmo Setepenra”


Zeroes can be ignored in numerology. 69.

Patsy, fall guy. The news reported multiple shooters initially.

It’s also noteworthy that Baton Rogue Metropolitan Airport has an elevation of 69.6 ft.

flip 69.6 to 9.69

If anyone out there reading this is thinking of committing murder, Don’t do it. Chaos aids our common enemy. Do not murder anyone because they’re in the “wrong” tribe. White, black, brown, yellow, red, blue uniform, etc. Don’t do it.




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