Strange numbers in Facebook sports photos

I have little to say about the course of current events.  With the whole 11/26/2016 event being cancelled or averted, I’ve decided to attend to other things.  I’m still engaged in preparedness for emergencies, however.

I get feeds from major sports teams in my facebook account.  Here’s a strange photo that piqued my curiosity.  It was posted on 7/17/2017


This image is posted for the purposes of commentary and criticism, and thus the use falls under Fair Use.

The nuclear football, aka presidential launch codes came to mind.  But that’s just a guess.  Do not be alarmed.  So now I will copy and paste from my text file:

Regardless of what one may think of Zachary Hubbard’s methods and theories (I know there’s much disagreement in the Truth Seeking community), I think he’s right in that there’s some coded substance to the numbers used in the photos of major sports teams.

I’m going to play with the 7,6 and 17.

7th prime = 17
6th prime = 13
17th prime = 59

17+13+59 =  89

89 is 11th Fibonacci number

8+9=17. Posted on the 17th. 7/17/17

In photo, each player has an open left hand, displaying 5 fingers, preparing to throw the football with the right hand.

75 + 65 + 175 = 315

315th day is November 11. aka 11/11

Too many coincidences, but I don’t know how to interpret.

From 7/6/2017 to 11/11/2017 is 128 days.
7 bits aka 2^7 aka 2 to the 7th power

7’s and 11’s

6th fibonacci = 8
7th fibonacci = 13
17th fibonacci = 1597
15*97=1455. 1455+5541=6996 aka Saturn


The picture was posted 7/17/2017. From 7/17/2017 to 11/11/2017 is 117 days.

7’s and 11’s again

From 7/6/2017 to 8/9/2017 is 34 days. No conclusions to reach, aside from 3+4=7, but it may be meaningless.

From 7/17/2017 to 8/9/2017 23 days.  No conclusions.  23rd prime is 83.  8+3=11.

Perhaps it’s nothing.

Brownscamp  = Jewish Gematria 1256     Simple Gematria 124

Position = Jewish 408    Simple 117

Preview = Jewish 1759    Simple 98

I can’t make anything of it.  The 11’s and 7’s keep popping out.

Brownscamp Position Preview = Jewish 3423

Brownscamp Position Preview = Simple 339

MN’s video on 2/22/2017

Just a link to his video, if you haven’t seen it yet or forgot to subscribe to his youtube channel.   All credit to Matthew Nicholson.  The man’s a genius.



From 11/26/2016 to 2/22/2017 is 88 days. Also written as 2 months, 27 days.

It may be coincidence, but Trump = 88 in Simple Gematria.

And 22/7 is the fractional representation of pi.  Which makes sense if we’re coming full circle from George Washington’s alleged Birthday of 2/22/1732.

Others have pointed out that “George Washington” adds up to 1399 in Jewish Gematria. 1399 being the 222nd prime number.

We may get our war with Russia after all.  Boo!  😦




2/22 on Various Calendars

Conversation over at MN’s youtube channel is heating up with all kinds of suggestions as to how to interpret 11/26 in light of the seeming lack of events on 11/26/2016.  MN pointed out that 2/22/2017 is 11/26 on the Hebrew Calendar, and all kinds of suggestions and reasoning came from there.  The guy’s a fucking genius and so is the gang of Gematria nerds. God bless them.

This revelation leads me to wonder: If George Washington was born 2/22/1732 on the Gregorian Calendar, and Barack Obama 2/22 on the Islamic Calendar, is there a significant birth date with regards to politics and para-politics for 2/22 on the Hebrew Calendar?  This year 5/18/2017 is 22 Iyyar 5777 (22-2) on the Hebrew Calendar.  Or is something supposed to be born on 2/22/5777 ?

I have questions, but no answers.

So what happened on 11/26/2016?

I observed no trigger event.

Jill Stein filed the recount on Friday, 11/25/2016.

But that was not 11/26/2016.

There were reported murders on the 26th, but nothing out of the ordinary.

So I must ask the question: Was Matt Nicholson’s theory wrong? And was I wrong to believe it?

Is it possible. I find it hard to believe that so many numeric coincidences, especially with the same numerology, are just coincidences.

The other possibility is that Matt did accurately call their plan two years in advance, and with supporting evidence piling up over time, they canceled it.

David Taylor is an activist who reads news reports and tries to decipher the predictive programming, and tries call events before they occur.  If you browse his site, poke around for a couple of hours, you can decide for yourself.   For months now he’s been pre-occupied with alleged attempts on his life, and keeps trying to predict the means of his assassination so as to prevent it.

I think some of his work is far out. For example, there’s a book he wrote called “The Greenland Theory” where he says that the Roman empire fell a little over 700 years ago and that hundreds of fake years were inserted into the calendar.  But even when someone has some absurd ideas, it does not necessarily invalidate others.

You can decide for yourself what you wish to think about this.

For now, I’m going to watch and wait, and keep an eye on the news.  And I have a series of fairy tales I’ve been wanting to write, and now I will do it.

If I take anything away from the past six months, it’s that I can achieve some amazing things if I think my balls are to the wall.  I’ve procured gear and skills to help survive chronic, long term emergencies.  I would never have put up supplies out of my home if I didn’t think something was going to happen. I would never have learned to sharpen knives, learned to filter and purify water, assembled a trauma kit, built a “get home kit” to help me get home in the event of EMP or other major emergency.

In the event of an emergency, I’ve gone from certainly dead to probably dead, and that’s a big improvement.

Pray to stop The Event of 11/26/2016

I just enjoyed my Thanksgiving meal and it’s less than 2 days now until 11/26/2016.

Regardless of your religious philosophy, whether it be asking favors from God or imposing your will on the universe through some other means, I ask that you pray for whatever evil event is planned to be derailed, delayed, to flop, fizzle out, or otherwise be stopped.

I’ve had enough of deception and political violence.

New Hampshire Write-in Presidential Count

Above is a link to the write-in count for presidential candidates in NH.

Above is an archive of the article on the write in in NH.

Of particular interest to me is the write-in total for Bernie Sanders, John Kasich, and Mike Pence.  We have some Saturn related numbers.

Sanders 4493.  44*93=4092. 4092+2904=6996

Kasich 1365. 1365+5631=6996

Pence 937+(9*3*7)=1126

as in November 26.

It could be coincidence. A number can be just a number, until it’s not. I could bake 1126 cookies, but then one will ask, why did I bake 1126 cookies?  Maybe that’s the amount I could make with the ingredients I had.  But in the context of politics, para-politics, and coded messages about the same, 4493, 1365 and 937 are significant.