The Plan for Trump 5/14/2022

Ever since nothing seemed to go down 11/26/2016, I’ve been wondering what the plan is, so to speak. Hillary did not get elected, so she did not get assassinated by a Russian agent, and we didn’t go to war with Russia.

I refused to believe Trump is a hero, given his choice of running mate.  As Matthew Nicholson pointed out the birthdates 6/14/1946 and 6/7/1959 = 614+1946-67-1959= 534.  534+435=969.  Numbers aside, he helped attack attack Syria, so its obvious he’s not one of the good guys.

When reading the following recall that when Trump took office he was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old.

John Pitre has some interesting numerical observations which I’ll paste here below.  He seems to have put the math together regarding a potential false flag and push for WW3 under Trumps reign.  He has some fantastic insights into gematria and numerology that presently I’m struggling to digest.  This bit, however, seems pretty cut and dried.  If enough people know about this, hopefully the ritual and the mayhem that results can be averted.




Elon Musk and the cult of Saturn

Just a link to one story, and that’s it.  Do the math.  Don’t masturbate to this man’s engineering genius and business acumen.

4425 satellites to bring a mesh of internet to the world.  uh huh.

Charlottesville ‘Unite The Right’ Number Codes, 1433, 33, 1111, 713, 121

Sometimes I hit, sometimes I miss.  I think I hit today, and I feel the need to share it.

What this article is NOT:

It is not an attack on Christopher Cantwell, right wing politics, or ethno nationalism.

What this article is:

Exposing number and gematria connections in the events realted to the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, VA on 8/12/2017.

You must be patient and bear with me, because this will take a bit of time to get to a point.  This whole post reveals a train of thought in search of truth.  It begins with name etymology and ends with a numeric analysis of the license plate of the Dodge Challenger that James Fields is alleged to have driven and killed 1 person and injured 19.  The process shown is as important as the conclusion.

After November 26, 2016, I found myself lost as far as using gematria and mathematics to discover the patterns of the cult of Saturn, Kabbalistic Zionist Jews, and Freemasons.  The world seemed turned on its head, and chaotic.  The god of Chaos Kek truly seemed manifested in the lack of patterns.  Or at least, no patterns I could recognize.

[Edit], and I want to add, in case anyone accustomed to reading my blog hasn’t already understood, I’m not trying to impugn Jews in general.  The average person of the Jewish faith or ancestry is as clueless as the average Gentile about patterns in world events. But I cannot ignore that what seems to be as Revelation 3:9 describes as “…those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars…”

I got to viewing the videos and essays of other truth seekers, and wondered if there were things I was missing.

So I decided to investigate the name etymology of the various big names at the Unite The Right rally.  With all the allegations of this person being cointelpro, or that person being a provocateur, I decided to look and see if these names may have been made up, or persons selected to play roles because of their names.  I only explore one name here, but if you take the time to search name roots and etymology, you may find insights into some of the big names from that rally and perhaps other major political events as well.

Since Christopher Cantwell was featured on Vice News  and was the big name arrested and charged with felonies, he seemed the obvious first choice.  I break his last name up: Cant and Well


(Images from Wiktionary)


Christopher Cantwell does speak very well.  In his more recent interviews with youtube personalities, he pleads that if you can prove his political views wrong, he’ll gladly switch sides and use his powers of speech to persuade people of the truth . It’s interesting how his last name describes his talent.  Just interesting, I draw no conclusions, but include this to show my train of thought.  It all could be coincidence.




And now he’s getting crucified in the media, online service providers, and held without bail.  No conclusions, but it is curious, is it not?

Then I got to wondering about his name gematria.  I hadn’t done much gematria since nothing happened (Thank God) on 11/26/2016.

We’re going to focus on Jewish Gematria here, as the powers that be are into Kabbalah.



Now plug their Jewish Gematria values into a number properties database.


You will notice that the sum of the divisors of 1089 (cantwell) 1729 has the same digits as the factors of  493 (Christopher) 17*29

The square root of 1089 is 33.  The number 1089 can be factored as 3*3*11*11, this will become important when you see where my train of thought was leading.

Which brings me to Cantwell’s 1st irregulars, a website devoted to National Capitalism  a nationalistic, capitalistic philosophy, and spreading political memes to advance their views.  They’re known as the 1433 1st irregulars.  14 for the 14 words “We must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children.”  And 33 for the 33 precepts of National Capitalism.  Obviously 33 catches the attention of anyone even remotely familiar with freemasonic numerology (though not all occurrences of 33 in political conversations are a product of it).  Some have mistakenly associated the 33 with the first letters of Christopher Cantwell’s name.  (I was one of them, as I began to try and count how many people at the rally had the same letter for their first and last name when I was breaking down the etymology of their names. )

Link to Archived Essay on National Capitalism

Same content but on the 1st Irregulars web site

Archive of The 33 Precepts of National Capitalism

33 precepts on the 1st Irregular’s website

Apparently, the original incarnation of this referred to invoking Article 3, Section 3 of the US Constitution to punish subversives.

Link to Article 3 Section 3

I find it odd that there would be 33 precepts of the political philosophy.  It’s not to say there couldn’t be, but we must always be careful about just dismissing 33.

While I could not come to any definitive conclusions about Christopher Cantwell, the 3*3*11*11 factorization of his last name reminded me of the license plate of the Dodge Charger that James Fields allegedly drove into a crowd on 8/12/2017, allegedly killing 1 and wounding 19.  119.

1 dead 19 wounded, USA today archive

Now let’s digress slightly to something I’m sure someone else already pointed out, but I want to harp on briefly.  On 9/11, 2001, 19 Muslim terrorists  are said to have hijacked planes and destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged The Pentagon.

Since then, Muslim terrorists have been associated with all kinds of attacks, and more recently several vehicle attacks where the attackers crush people with their cars or trucks.

So it struck me as a sort of neuro-linguistic programming to have 1 dead an 19 wounded in a vehicle attack.

James Fields is said to be 20 years old.  11+9 = 20.  1+19=20.

The use of 20 in relation to 911:

the 20th hijacker – Wikipedia Article

The attempt to connect white nationalists or supremacists to Islamic terror has gone on the in the media for some time.

archive of cnn article on Aryan Nations/Al Qaida

August Kriest III of Aryan Nations jailed for Fraud

All this is important as I move onto 11*11.

The license plate of the Dodge Charger.





First consider the factors of 713: 23 and 31.   23 is the 9th prime and 31 is the 11th prime.



So in 713 you have 9-11.

Now, I considered that if this event really was staged (even with real casualties), then maybe there was a message on the license place.

a date span?

7/13 to 11/11


121 days.  Which, first of all, is 11*11.

Second of all, there’s a link to a Saturn number there with 2904 hours. 2904+4092=6996

Now let’s check the time span from 8/12/2017 to 11/11/2017.




91 days, your inverse of 19. but more important, 2184 hours.  2184+4812=6996 cult of Saturn strikes again.

8/12/2017 plus 121 days = 12/11/2017



Of course you get your 121 in that date 12/11.

There’s too many coincidences.   I had to start with the beginning of my train of thought, so you see where I was going.  Don’t be afraid to try and look beneath the surface of reported events.

There is no doubt in my mind that this  car attack was cointelpro, or perhaps some kind of fucked up kabbalistic sorcery combined with cointelpro.

You make up your own mind.  I cannot ignore the numeric connections beginning with calculating Christopher Cantwell and ending with the numbers related to Saturn, the god of Time in roman Mythology, the planet Saturn, and the cult that invokes Saturn in their rituals.

So I will now make a prediction, not to glory in my foresight, but in hopes that it may prevent another mind-fuck deep state con job like the Unite the Right rally:  Another major terrorist or significant political violence in the USA on 11/11 or 12/11.

I wish you peace. Be prepared, but do not live in fear.

Edit, another mathematical curiosity related to 121.

121 days prior to 8/12/2017 was April 13, 2017, the day the USA dropped a MOAB bomb on Afghanistan.  I have no conclusions to draw from this fact, except a lesson to consider time spans going both forward and backwards.  We’re dealing with the cult of Saturn, after all.

Strange numbers in Facebook sports photos

I have little to say about the course of current events.  With the whole 11/26/2016 event being cancelled or averted, I’ve decided to attend to other things.  I’m still engaged in preparedness for emergencies, however.

I get feeds from major sports teams in my facebook account.  Here’s a strange photo that piqued my curiosity.  It was posted on 7/17/2017


This image is posted for the purposes of commentary and criticism, and thus the use falls under Fair Use.

The nuclear football, aka presidential launch codes came to mind.  But that’s just a guess.  Do not be alarmed.  So now I will copy and paste from my text file:

Regardless of what one may think of Zachary Hubbard’s methods and theories (I know there’s much disagreement in the Truth Seeking community), I think he’s right in that there’s some coded substance to the numbers used in the photos of major sports teams.

I’m going to play with the 7,6 and 17.

7th prime = 17
6th prime = 13
17th prime = 59

17+13+59 =  89

89 is 11th Fibonacci number

8+9=17. Posted on the 17th. 7/17/17

In photo, each player has an open left hand, displaying 5 fingers, preparing to throw the football with the right hand.

75 + 65 + 175 = 315

315th day is November 11. aka 11/11

Too many coincidences, but I don’t know how to interpret.

From 7/6/2017 to 11/11/2017 is 128 days.
7 bits aka 2^7 aka 2 to the 7th power

7’s and 11’s

6th fibonacci = 8
7th fibonacci = 13
17th fibonacci = 1597
15*97=1455. 1455+5541=6996 aka Saturn


The picture was posted 7/17/2017. From 7/17/2017 to 11/11/2017 is 117 days.

7’s and 11’s again

From 7/6/2017 to 8/9/2017 is 34 days. No conclusions to reach, aside from 3+4=7, but it may be meaningless.

From 7/17/2017 to 8/9/2017 23 days.  No conclusions.  23rd prime is 83.  8+3=11.

Perhaps it’s nothing.

Brownscamp  = Jewish Gematria 1256     Simple Gematria 124

Position = Jewish 408    Simple 117

Preview = Jewish 1759    Simple 98

I can’t make anything of it.  The 11’s and 7’s keep popping out.

Brownscamp Position Preview = Jewish 3423

Brownscamp Position Preview = Simple 339

MN’s video on 2/22/2017

Just a link to his video, if you haven’t seen it yet or forgot to subscribe to his youtube channel.   All credit to Matthew Nicholson.  The man’s a genius.



From 11/26/2016 to 2/22/2017 is 88 days. Also written as 2 months, 27 days.

It may be coincidence, but Trump = 88 in Simple Gematria.

And 22/7 is the fractional representation of pi.  Which makes sense if we’re coming full circle from George Washington’s alleged Birthday of 2/22/1732.

Others have pointed out that “George Washington” adds up to 1399 in Jewish Gematria. 1399 being the 222nd prime number.

We may get our war with Russia after all.  Boo!  😦




2/22 on Various Calendars

Conversation over at MN’s youtube channel is heating up with all kinds of suggestions as to how to interpret 11/26 in light of the seeming lack of events on 11/26/2016.  MN pointed out that 2/22/2017 is 11/26 on the Hebrew Calendar, and all kinds of suggestions and reasoning came from there.  The guy’s a fucking genius and so is the gang of Gematria nerds. God bless them.

This revelation leads me to wonder: If George Washington was born 2/22/1732 on the Gregorian Calendar, and Barack Obama 2/22 on the Islamic Calendar, is there a significant birth date with regards to politics and para-politics for 2/22 on the Hebrew Calendar?  This year 5/18/2017 is 22 Iyyar 5777 (22-2) on the Hebrew Calendar.  Or is something supposed to be born on 2/22/5777 ?

I have questions, but no answers.